What to Look for in Affordable Roofing Services Burlington, WI

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Whether you are a new homeowner, business owner, longtime investor, or landlord, at some point or another, you are going to have to contend with the topic of home maintenance and renovations. Especially depending on where you live (Florida, for example), the quality and age of your roof can have a dramatic role on not only the value of your home but your comfort and safety levels as well. If you’re looking for affordable roofing services in Burlington, WI, you’ll likely have some questions—like How do I tell if my roof needs repair? What are the benefits of a roof repair versus total roof replacement? And how much for a new roof?

In this article, we aim to answer all these questions and more so you will be able to enter a conversation with your experienced local roofer confidently and competently. Read on to find the best deals with affordable roofing services—and be sure to check out our article on what qualities to look for in a good roofing contractor as well!

How to Tell If Your Roof Needs Repair

Sometimes, it’s obvious that our roof needs to maintenance—such as with a visible leak or damage. However, it’s not always quite as cut and dry. You will especially want to check your roof after heavy winds, hail, rain, and snow events to be sure that they look intact both internally and externally—but some damage is not always visible to the naked eye. Here are five easy ways to tell if your roof needs repair:

1.     Dislodged, cracked, or damaged shingles: Obviously, if you notice any shingles that are visible loose or damaged, you may want to have a contractor come to give you a quote for repairs. This can be caused by high winds or other weather conditions.

2.     Increased utility payments: Are your energy bills mysteriously going up each month? If so, surprisingly enough, the culprit might be the roof! We lose a lot of heat through the roof, as heat rises—and if there is any damage to the insulation or structure of the roof, that heat will escape even faster. Temperature leaks like this will be all the more apparent during the peaks of summer and/or winter, depending on where you live—so be mindful of your utility bill costs!

3.     Roof sagging or deformation: This symptom begs the question: Was the roof installed properly to begin with? If your roof is sagging or looks in any way irregular, this is an immediate indication that a roof inspection is pertinent. Sagging in the rafters could also mean water damage, which means a weakened roof—a significant safety issue!

4.     Visible internal water damage: While it often occurs to homeowners to check the roof of their home from the outside of their house, sometimes looking up from the inside is neglected. However, it is crucial that—especially after a large weather event—you look up towards the ceilings for any dripping water or signs of water staining on the walls or wallpaper. This is a telltale sign that it’s time for a roof inspection—and you’ll want to get that looked at sooner rather than later, so mold, mildew, and other pathogens can’t grow.

5.     Discoloration: This primarily manifests in dark patches on a roof—though it can look like lichen, moss, or other growth on your shingles as well, and can even manifest as sun damage in some places. To avoid this, make sure to keep your roof clean and clear of debris and buildup all year round, and check the outside for damage after a bout of bad weather.

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How Much Does Roofing Repair Cost?

As you might have guessed, having your roof repaired generally costs less than a total replacement. According to Forbes, affordable roofing repairs can cost anywhere from $150 to $7,000—depending on the severity of the damage. However, the annual national average in the United States hovers at just under $1,000 for a full-service repair.

How Much Does a Full Roof Replacement Cost?

In contrast, a full roofing replacement can cost upwards of $8,000 or more, depending on the size of the roof and the materials required. Keep in mind that a part of maintaining your roof so that you don’t end up needing to replace it sooner than you’d otherwise have to is keeping it clean and the gutters clear. Many require a professional soft-washing pressure washing service to do this—but check with your local expert roofer and ask what their preferred roof maintenance method is!

Roofing Repairs versus Full Roof Replacement

Depending on the severity of the damage to your roof, you will have to make some decisions about what’s your most affordable roofing repair option—or if you will have to go for a full-on replacement. Types of major repairs that can cost as much as $7,000 include problems with electrical components and wiring, roof sagging, chimney damage, significant water damage, and more. If you are looking at a severely impacted roof in need of major repairs, you may consider just spending the extra $1,000 for a full roof replacement—especially as this will add value to your home, with a Return on Investment (ROI) of between 60-68% percent when it comes time to sell or move.

Examples of smaller-scale repairs include patching leaks and clearing gutters, fixing scattered shingles, removing water buildup, and more—though these types of jobs usually won’t cost more than $1,500 and do not typically warrant a full roof replacement. If you have any doubts about the condition of your roof, be sure to have it investigated by a Burlington, WI affordable roofing professional!

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Affordable Roofing Services Burlington, WI with Absolute Roofing

When it comes to protecting your home, your first line of defense against the elements is your roof. This is why properly maintaining your roof and having it regularly inspected—particularly after storms or foul weather—is crucial to maintaining the value of your home and also keeping your family members safe, warm, and dry. Roof repairs are not for the faint of heart and generally require expert training and years of experience. That’s why, if you’re looking for the best affordable roofing services in Burlington, WI, Absolute Roofing is your go-to company. Contact us today for more information or browse our portfolio of previous work here!