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18 month interest free financing available

We offer an 18 month deferred interest plan.

The application only takes a few minutes and is done over the phone with our office manager. Information needed for the application include: name, contact information, employment information, monthly income, mortgage payment if applicable, date of birth, social security number and driver’s license number, expiration date as well as the issue date. The application can be completed with just one applicant or you can have a second applicant as well (the same information listed previously is needed for a second applicant). The applicant(s) do not need to reside in the home in which the roof is being replaced. We receive a determination within a few minutes of submitting the application. If approved, loan documents are emailed to the customer to review, e-sign, date and submit back to Service Finance Company. Payments towards the loan do not begin until approximately 30 days after your new roof has been installed. There is a minimum monthly payment that is made directly to Service Finance Company. There is no penalty to pay the loan off early.

For additional information or to apply call 262-877-4444.

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Absolute Roofing company Twin Lakes, commercial roofing


Absolute Roofing company Twin Lakes Wisconsin

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Replacing your roof is one of the most crucial financial decisions you will make regarding your home.

Choosing the right professional roofing contractor can make the difference in the process and results. While pricing is a factor, it should not be the determining factor. There is always a trade-off between price and quality. It is importance to know what you are receiving in terms of materials and workmanship. Our professional team of roofing installers are committed to providing excellent service and high-quality finished product.

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