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You may be in luck if you’ve been advised a new roof is necessary to fix your leaky ceiling. In comparison to the expense of a complete roof replacement, the cost of restoring your company’s flat roof could be as much as half that. This begs the question, “What is roof restoration?” among business owners. When a roof is restored, the seams, fasteners, and flashing are all fixed while a new roof surface is constructed. After restoration, your roof will be more watertight than it was when it was first installed, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your investment is protected by a non-prorated warranty for as long as 18 years.

Absolute Roofing’s specialties are in roof maintenance and restoration. While we offer a wide variety of commercial roofing services, this is the one we recommend most often. The cost savings from restoring a damaged object are only one of several advantages of doing so. Read on for a complete rundown of why roof restoration is a good idea, or contact us immediately to set up a free inspection and estimate.

For severely worn-out roofs, roof restoration (also known as roof preservation) is a viable option. Our restoration method is a less-invasive substitute for a complete roof tear-off and replacement, but it still requires more work than a basic roof repair. Here are the top five reasons why building managers and business owners are opting for flat roof restoration:

Why Roof Restoration in Wisconsin

Saving Money is the Primary Driver of Flat Roof Preservation’s Rapid Ascension to the Front of the Line Against Roof Replacement. Since it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace a commercial roof, these savings add up quickly. In the end, it’s a practical choice from a commercial perspective. Even if you have several estimates for roof replacement, it is still a good idea to seek a price for roof restoration so you can make an informed decision.

Easier to Use — Our technologies save time and money compared to the conventional replacement process by doing away with the time-consuming step of tearing off the old. This helps you save money and keeps our efforts from interfering too much with your underlying operations. Tear-offs require the closure of many businesses, while restoration rarely necessitates closures.

The ability to save energy from the get-go — You have likely noticed many white-coated flat roofs. That, however, is not a matter of taste; rather, it serves to improve the building’s overall efficiency. The white covering helps to deflect the sun’s heat, making the interior cooler on hot summer days. Your monthly energy costs will be drastically reduced. When you invest in roof preservation here, you also get a white coating at no extra cost, unlike many other businesses that must pay hundreds of dollars just for that service.

A roof that looks and performs better than brand new — All vulnerable parts of a flat roof are fortified during our unique restoration method. Leaks that have already occurred will be repaired, and further leaks will be prevented in a proactive manner. Our roofs are much less likely to leak or require extensive maintenance in the future because we’ve strengthened all the weak spots. It’s a simple fact that a restored roof is superior to a brand-new one in every measurable way.

High-Quality Guarantee – How Confident Are We in Our Work and Roof Protection System? A non-prorated guarantee that exceeds that of a newly constructed roof is included in our services. The repairs we make are guaranteed for as long as 18 years. This exceptional guarantee is available to you regardless of the roofing material used on your building.

We hope this post has both satiated your curiosity regarding roof restoration and answered your inquiry, “What is it?” We want to work with you whether you’ve just started seeing roof leaks or you’ve already gotten quotations for replacement. It’s easy to see why roof restoration is fast replacing other options as the preferred course of action. After all, learning more could save you fifty percent on the cost of replacement.

As an added bonus, Absolute Roofing provides free roof inspections to all prospective customers. Whereas most businesses would charge you for this service, we provide it free of charge. We intend to inspect your roof thoroughly and present you with all of the problems and possible remedies. Get in touch with us right away to have one of our professionals evaluate your roof and provide you with a free estimate.