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What ends up happening with your roof will be heavily influenced by the roofing contractor you choose. Cost, quality of work, and other factors are all affected by whether you require roof repairs or a complete roof replacement.

For this reason, it is important to hire a reliable roofing company. The roofing industry has a poor reputation because of its practice of taking advantage of unsuspecting customers. Every day, we work to repair the roofing industry’s image. For this reason, we will explain what to look for in a reliable roofing company.

Absolute Roofing’s crew has consistently delivered superior work to satisfied customers in the greater Genoa City area. We put in a lot of effort so that homeowners like you have all they need to make educated choices about who to hire and what to buy. If we aren’t the best option for you, we’ll try to help you find someone who is so you don’t end up getting taken advantage of. In this article, we’ll go over the seven things you need to know to get a reliable roofer. Don’t forget to grab your free checklist of questions to ask potential roofing contractors at the end of the post.


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1. Consider only roofing companies in your immediate area

It is essential to employ a local contractor while doing construction work. It’s best to hire a roofing company that has a local office and phone number. This will ensure that you can easily locate them in the event of a roofing emergency.

It’s important to remember that some companies from out of state will come into a town after a major storm, undercut the local roofing companies‘ prices in order to make a profit, and then move on to the next town to be devastated by a storm. These businesses don’t give a hoot about following state or regional regulations or doing a good job on your roof.

Alternatively, a reputable roofing business in your area will be familiar with the building codes in your area, the necessary documentation, and any other details that need to be considered to install your roof properly and in accordance with state regulations.

2. A licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor is essential.

A licensed, bonded, and insured roofer is a must. The purpose of these three documents is to safeguard you and guarantee a successful outcome for the project. Verify that the roofing company you hire possesses the necessary state licenses, bonds, and insurance. Don’t be shy about requesting proof that they’ve got all three. A licensed roofing company in your area will be pleased to show you its credentials, including insurance, bonds, and licenses. However, what exactly does all this paperwork imply for your roof?

Simply registering with your state’s board in charge of licensing contractors is sufficient for a contractor to begin doing business in your state. What sort of permit is required is going to be dependent on how much money the job will cost.For instance, a general contractor’s license is required for any project that costs more than $25,000, and a home improvement license is required for any project that costs more than $3,000. Roofing is an expensive investment, so contractors working on roofs should be fully licensed general contractors.

If there are issues with the work or the company goes out of business in the middle of a project, the customer can turn to the bond company for compensation if the work is substandard or the company refuses to make repairs. Being bonded indicates to the bonding agency that the roofing contractor operates in a lawful and ethical manner. The surety business is certain that the contractor will perform a good job, so they are willing to put up the bond.

General liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and a policy covering all company cars, both owned and leased, are minimum standards for any contractor to meet. The levels of the contractor’s general liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage must be commensurate with the scope and location of the projects they undertake. Their general liability will be lower if they just undertake work for individual homeowners rather than on a larger scale.

It’s not worth it to work with a roofing contractor who hasn’t met the legal requirements of doing business in your state. Otherwise, if anything bad does happen, you will have absolutely no legal protection.

Established Roofing Contractor

When spending money on a new roof, it’s important to learn how long a prospective roofing company has been operational. A roofing contractor with a solid reputation and years of experience in the local region is what you need. You can save a lot of money on roofing by going with a company that is only a few years old. The issue is that they aren’t pricing jobs right, so they won’t have enough retained earnings at year’s end to see them through the colder months.

At such a time, a brand-new business will sadly come to an end. Not that there aren’t any promising startups in the neighborhood. Nonetheless, you should make certain that the organization will be operational after five years to handle your roof investment and any problems that may arise.

Reputable Roofing Contractor Wisconsin

You can safeguard your roof investment with a warranty. Both your roofing supplies and the contractor’s work will be covered by warranties. You can avoid having to pay for costly repairs due to faulty roof installation by using the contractor’s workmanship warranty. A workmanship warranty is something you should expect from any roofing business you engage with.

The duration of the guarantee could be anywhere from one year to twenty-five years. Your roofing contractor of choice should be one that guarantees their work for the rest of your life. This demonstrates their dedication to their work and willingness to fix any problems that may arise. On the other hand, if a roofer doesn’t guarantee their work, you shouldn’t use them.

Reviews From Clients

In today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever to get a reliable roofer, plumber, carpenter, or pretty much anyone else you might require. Reviews are the primary factor clients consider when selecting a vendor.

For the most up-to-date and relevant evaluations, go back at least two to three months after the company in question was reviewed. This guarantees that you are hearing about recent successes and failures as a homebuyer. Find out if the roofer you’re considering hiring does good work by reading reviews. This does not imply, however, that every review you read is correct. To some degree, everyone has extremes. A roofing company’s reputation will shine through in online reviews if it guarantees its work, treats customers with respect, and follows industry standards.


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you’ll be equipped to make a hiring decision that protects the value of your roof and your money. What are you waiting for, then?

For many years, Absolute Roofing has been happy to help the people of Genoa City and the surrounding region with all of their roofing needs. You may rely on us for anything related to your roof, whether it be repairs, replacement, skylight installation, maintenance, or assistance with an insurance claim. You can always count on us for any roofing work you need to be done in Genoa City or the surrounding area.